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February 12, 2011


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Month and a half ago, I put in my gallery, the first of the three images, which I do on my personal version of Dune.
The following will be dedicated to the "House Corrino."
Had begun to develop the image of the house Corrino, which was reflected, the Battle of Corrin. But at the last minute, I thought, not to make the battle of corrin, because I think that is far away from the idea that I like, of Dune.
Also, I might add, a fact which for me has been decisive.
In just one month and a half. My first image of DUNE: House Atreides has become the most talked about, in my gallery (733 comments, which I have answered one by one).
Today, has become, in which most favorite, has received (with 1273 bookmarks).
And little by little, will be way too, but view the image. Surpassed only by "The mechanical dragon" with 19,661.

This done, the following picture of Dune, as necessary, which is level, so you do not realize, until you are sure of being able to create, with the same quality in every way.
But do not worry, those who wait. I'm working on it.

On the other side.
barely one month ago, an artist from DA died, victim of a terrible disease of cancer. Only those who've been through, to have a family member with this disease, we really cosncientes, how terrible, that it is insecure.
So lonely, had shared a couple of comments, with this wonderful artist, but enough to know that besides a great artist, was a person full of vitality and zest for life.
On 1st January this year, wrote on her website, apologizing for not being able to answer, people who wrote to him, but claimed that as he was a spare, I would. 10 days later, CLEMENT SAUVE, died, victims of their disease.
Has only been a couple of comments, to regard the death of this great artist on DA. It saddens me that this community that cares, to keep alive the flame of art, not to rebel, to such a great loss of one of its members. I was saddened by the death of Fazzeta, but I admired Frank Frazzeta, and had lived a full live of success, and prosperity.
CLEMENT SAUVE, died at 33 years of age. Without having had the recognition, which really deserves.
Too "European" for American publishers. Too "American" for European publishers ...

I pay a warm tribute to the admired artist, dedicated, a trilogy of related images, with the theme of war, which he mastered to perfection.
A tribute to an artist who died, making a work for the series of Ji-Goe, not very well, if I end up.

The trilogy is called "Total War" and will be dedicated to CLEMENT SAUVE.

To end: I am doing, a job, the cover of a book of adventure, I believe, that it is worth noting. The novel, adventure, will be published shortly in the United States. I will also show the work of realization, on the cover of the book entitled: "MAGIC TREASURE ISLAND."
I believe it's worth, to be read.
I wish you the best of success to its author: John Richard Hunt.


Hace mes y medio, que puse en mi galeria, la primera de las tres imagenes, que voy a hacer, sobre mi version personal, de Dune.
La siguiente, sera dedicada, a la "Casa Corrino".
Habia empezado, a desarrollar, la imagen de la casa Corrino,  en la que se reflejaba,  la Batalla de Corrin. Pero a ultima hora, he pensado, en no hacer la batalla de corrin , porque me parece, que se aleja bastante, de la idea que me gusta, sobre Dune.  

Ademas, debo añadir, un  dato, que para mi, ha sido decisivo.
En tan solo un mes y medio. Mi primera imagen  sobre DUNE: Casa ATREIDES se ha convertido , en la mas comentada, de mi galeria (733 comentarios, a los que he respondido uno a uno).
Hoy mismo, se ha convertido, en la  que mas FAV, ha recibido (con 1273 favoritos).
Y poco a poco, va camino de ser tambien, la imagen mas vista. Solo superada, por "El dragon mecanico" con 19.661.

Esto hace, que la siguiente imagen de Dune, sea necesario, que este a la altura, por lo que no la realizare, hasta que este seguro, de poder crearla, con la misma calidad, en todos los sentidos.
Pero no se preocupen , los que la esperan. Ya estoy, trabajando en ella.

Por otro lado.
hace  a penas un mes, fallecio un artista  de DA, victima de una terrible enfermedad: el cancer. Solo los que hemos pasado, por tener algun familiar, con esa enfermedad, somos realmente cosncientes, de lo terrible, que resulta padecerla.
Tan solo, habia compartido, un par de comentarios, con este magnifico artista, pero lo suficiente, como para saber, que ademas de un gran artista, era una persona, llena de vitalidad, y ganas de vivir.
El dia 1 de Enero de este año, escribio en su pagina, pidiendo disculpas, por no poder contestar, a las personas, que le escribian, pero aseguraba, que en cuanto  estuviera respuesto, lo haria. 10 dias despues, CLEMENT SAUVE, fallecia, victima de su enfermedad.
Tan solo ha habido, un par de comentarios, a respecto, de la muerte, de esta gran artista, en DA. Me entristece, que esta comunidad, que se preocupa, por  mantener viva, la llama del arte , no se rebele, ante tan gran perdida, de uno de sus miembros. me entristeci, con la muerte de Fazzeta , pero mi admirado Frank Frazzeta, ya habia vivido, una viva llena de exito, y prosperidad.  
CLEMENT SAUVE, murio a los 33 años de edad. Sin haber tenido, el reconocimiento, que realmente, se merece.
Demasiado "europeo ", para las editoriales americanas. Demasiado "americano", para la editoriales europeas...

Quiero rendir, un calido homenage, a este admirado artista, dedicandole, una trilogia, de imagenes relacionadas, con el tema belico, que él, dominaba a la perfeccion.
Una homenage, a un artista que murio, realizando,  un trabajo para la serie de Ji-Goe , que no se muy bien, si termino.

La trilogia, se llamara: "TOTAL WAR" , y estara dedicada, a CLEMENT SAUVE.

Para acabar: estoy realizando, un trabajo, de la portada de un libro de aventuras, que creo, que merece la pena resaltar. La novela , de aventuras, se publicara en breve, en Estados Unidos. voy a mostrar tambien , el trabajo de realizacion, de la portada, de la novela cuyo título es: "MAGIC TREASURE ISLAND.‏"
Creo, que merece la pena, de ser leída.  
Le deseo, el mejor de los exitos a su autor: John Richard Hunt.

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javi-ure Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Ole Ángel... eres un crack como artista y como persona.
angelitoon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
ledain Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Student Digital Artist
te aplaudo! clement merece no menos que el reconocimiento que le es debido!
y con tu talente creo que le daras exactamente eso!
angelitoon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Gracias. espero no defraudar....
ledain Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Student Digital Artist
Para nada! yo se que la vas a hacer genial
angelitoon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Kachinadoll Featured By Owner Feb 13, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Looking forward to seeing your continued work on the Dune theme. Knowing you, it will be so amazing. :w00t:

So sorry to hear of the recent loss of a DA artist. I was not familiar with the artist, however, it was such a nice tribute you gave in your journal. That was so kind of you! Hugs! :iconpounceglomp:
angelitoon Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I have really wanted to make the new image of Dune.
but I myself have set the bar very high .....
I have to make a good picture ....

I think we all would like to remind us. I had no relationship with Clement, but just does not matter. It's a great artist who has gone ....
Kachinadoll Featured By Owner Feb 20, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I like that you set the bar high. Then we can drool over your awesome results. hehe I'm sure it will blow my little cotton socks right off. Love that series and I am looking forward to seeing your next house. :icondancedanceplz:
angelitoon Featured By Owner Feb 21, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Although he was clear that the next image would be created around, the war of Corrin (from where the house Corrino), I decided, that the war of Corrin, moves too far away from the aesthetics of Dune, I do for the next image. Will restart again, the idea, to resume, the style outlined in the first image.

I love to talk to you again. I've missed ...
I hope your job progresses as you want. :date:
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