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Submitted on
April 3, 2011



Some news and a new BLOG!

Sun Apr 3, 2011, 12:20 PM
Even I  not know where I'm going out with my new images.
It is true that I have provided several ideas at once in the head.
And it is also true that sometimes what seems like a priority in my projects, it stagnates and just relegated to the background.

Right now, I have begun two new images.
But the truth is that I want to know, many different things, and I not have very clear, my priorities at this time.

The image of Dune Harkonen, follows its course, (very slowly)
Keep in mind, I do not want to do, the first thing that comes out, but i make an image that is at least the same level of work, that my previous image.

Also I have half started, the image of Dune Corrino, whose idea was already gestated, before Dune Harkonen.
Interestingly, some have asked me, to make a version of Dune navigators.
Undoubtedly, when I could see, this fantastic mechanical coffin, which was traveling navigator in the presentation of the Lynch film, impressed me greatly.
I do not think you can avoid making a personal version of that.

Also I have a half, my personal tribute to Clement Sauve.
It was, in a scene in which soldiers are facing, to a chaotic situation, caused by an atomic bomb.
I have the mushroom cloud created and promise has been fantastic.
Decided to stop the process of this image, especially for events that are happening in Japan, following the devastating Psunami.
But as I have said a couple of people, nothing to see, my image, what happens in the Japanese nuclear plant, to be decided, not to proceed.
So slowly, also will go forward.

For the realization of this scene, I have intention to use a couple of plugins, dynamic objects of destruction, frankly expectaculares.
I have used before, with pretty good results, but I like to go deeper in their complexity.

The new version of FumeFX, promises to fill my images, fire and smoke ... , Which is quite characteristic in my scenes.

Anyway, I notice that, fortunately, my gallery, not beholden to any pressure, doing scenes ire of different types, so you do not run stop.
(The process of these images will be complex, as was the Dune Atreides)

Everything happens to me over the head, had just developed, to the above mentioned ..., vehicles, spaceships, fantasy scenes, ... etc
is inevitable ...
I do this for fun. That's right, it should be.
Thanks to those who follow with interest in my work.
All this, I do it for them.
sorry for my poor language

I just started to create my blog, which will place, testing and sketches, that I will not in DA. I have intention of placing in my DA page, just finished images (a process also, from time to time, do not worry). I do, not to fill my page, for testing. I know there are people who are interested to see this type of testing, so I'll put in my blog. Todvia this, just started to do ... but here's the address:

Ni yo mismo se, por donde voy a salir, con mis nuevas imagenes.
Es cierto, que siempre tengo, varias ideas a la vez en la cabeza.
Y tambien es cierto, que a veces, lo que parece una prioridad dentro de mis proyectos, se estanca, y acaba quedando relegado, a segundo plano.

Ahora mismo, tengo dos imagenes nuevas empezadas.
Pero la verdad, es que me apetece probar, muchas cosas diferentes, y no tengo muy claras, mis prioridades, en este momento.

La imagen de Dune Harkonen, sigue su rumbo, (muy poco a poco)
Hay que tener en cuenta, que no quiero hacer, lo primero que me salga, sino una imagen, que por lo menos esté al mismo nivel de trabajada, que mi anterior imagen.

Tambien tengo medio empezada, la imagen de Dune Corrino, cuya idea estaba ya gestada, con anterioridad a Dune Harkonen.
Curiosamente, algunos me han pedido, que haga una version de los navigators de Dune.
Sin lugar a dudas, cuando pude ver, ese fantastico ataud mecanico, en el que viajaba el navigator, en la presentacion de la pelicula  de Linch, me impresiono muchisimo.
No creo que pueda evitar, hacer una version personal , de eso.

Tambien tengo a medias, mi personal homenaje, a Clement Sauve.
Se trataba, de una escena , en la que unos soldados, se enfrentan, a una situacion caotica , provocada, por una bomba atomica.
Tengo el hongo nuclear, creado y prometo que ha quedado fantastico.
Decidi parar el proceso de esta imagen, sobre todo, por los acontecimientos que estan sucediendo en Japon, tras el devastador psunami.
Pero como me han dicho un par de personas, nada tiene que ver, mi imagen, con lo que ocurre en la central nuclear japonesa, como para que decida, no seguir adelante.
Asi que poco a poco, tambien irá para adelante.

Para la realizacion de esta escena, tengo intencion de utilizar, un par de plugins, de destruccion dinamica de objetos, francamente expectaculares.
Los he utilizado anteriormente, con bastante buenos resultados, pero me apetece seguir profundizando, en su complejidad.

La nueva version de FumeFX, promete llenar mis imagenes, de fuego y humo... , algo bastante caracteristico, en mis escenas.

De todos modos, advierto que, como afortunadamente, mi galeria, no se encuentra atada a ningun tipo de presion, ire haciendo escenas de diferentes tipos, para que no se quede parada.
(El proceso de estas imagenes, sera complejo, al igual que fue el de Dune Atreides)

Todo lo que me pase por la cabeza, acabara adelantandose, a lo anteriormente citado..., vehiculos , naves espaciales, escenas de fantasia,...etc
es inevitable...
Hago esto, para pasarlo bien. Asi es, como debe ser.
Gracias  a los que siguen con interes mi trabajo.
Todo esto, lo hago por ellos.

Acabo de empezar, a crear mi Blog, en el que colocare, pruebas y bocetos,  que no pondré en DA. Tengo intencion, de colocar, en mi pagina de DA, solo imagenes acabadas (alguna de proceso tambien, de vez en cuando, no se preocupen) . Lo hago, para no llenar mi pagina, de pruebas. Se que hay gente, a la que le interesa ver , este tipo de pruebas, asi que ire poniendo, en mi blog. Todvia esta, justo empezado a hacer ...pero aqui tienen, la direccion:

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Kachinadoll Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Aww, I totally hear you! Why do we have to sleep??? hehe I just think of how much I could accomplish instead of lying in bed sleeping. haha A necessary evil I suppose. Your blog looks wonderful, very crisp, clean and professional! Very well done my friend! I think artists can be compared to jugglers in a way. We have many balls in the air all at the same time. hehe Hang in there, I'm sure whatever you create will be most appreciated by all your loyal followers. hehe Yea! :iconexcitedhiplz:
angelitoon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Thanks. The blog is a little weak still.
Just started to do so.
But I think it is a good place to divert other images of the process.
So do not fill my DA site, with testing ...
Kachinadoll Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I like it! I think it looks really nice. Of course everything you do looks wonderful. You have great taste and flair! weeee! ;P
angelitoon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I get the colors. (I blush) thanks for your words ...
Kachinadoll Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Your most welcome! :)
angelitoon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
LadyArha Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
hombre, tienes twitter? para seguirte :P
angelitoon Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
Lo unico que tengo ahora mismo es el Blog. Lo siento. no me da el tiempo para mas... Sorry!
LadyArha Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2011
Aww ok XD
angelitoon Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
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