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December 31, 2010


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Before you start developing this series, examine the information we had at my disposal on Dune ...
Thought about creating a world for each House (Corrino, Atreides, Harkonen)
For the development of this first image I decided, actually an aesthetic related (a little) with the sea. But the approach was not just marine animals but think of an artist that I evoke the sea. (Mediterranean this time)
The artist had clear Gaudi.
Gaudi has many elements that appear from the sea. No need to be aesthetic marina. I will try both the buildings and the other elements have a component "Gaudi" in his aesthetics. Not necessarily ocean.

My main dispute is whether it is not pleasant, or not.
I thought this aesthetic in principle by the House Atreides. (I'm still mulling over this), but because of the character for "home ruler" of the "house Corrino" at the last minute decided to change the focus of this image and call instead of Atreides Corrino ..
As I said I'm thinking about it. You may again be the House Atreides. And to develop a new aesthetic for the home Corrino.


Antes de empezar a desarrollar esta serie, estudie la informacion que tenia a mi  disposicion sobre Dune...
He pensado crear un mundo para cada Casa (Corrino, Atreides, Harkonen)
Para el desarrollo de esta primera imagen decidi, efectivamente una estetica relacionada (un poco ) con el mar. Pero el planteamiento no era simplemente pensar en animales marinos sino en un artista que me evocara el mar. (mediterraneo esta vez)
El artista lo tenia claro : Gaudi.  
Gaudi tiene muchos elementos que parecen sacados del mar. Sin necesidad de ser  de estetica marina. Intentare que tanto los edificios como el resto de elementos tengan un componente "Gaudi" en su estetica. No necesariamente marino.

Mi mayor controversia no esta es si es marino, o no lo es.
Pense esta estetica en principio para la Casa Atreides. (sigo dandole vueltas a esto), pero debido al caracter de "casa regente" de la "casa Corrino"  decidi cambiar a ultima hora el enfoque  de esta imagen y la llame Corrino en vez de Atreides..
Como he dicho sigo pensando en ello. Es posible que vuelva a ser la casa  Atreides. Y que desarrolle una nueva estetica para la casa Corrino.


The boys of the page DIGITAL ART SECRETS, have undertaken an extensive article on my work.[link]

Needless to say, which to me is an honor and a recognition that I appreciate greatly. No doubt this is part of the amount of DA has brought things to me, (whom I'm enormously grateful, too, of course) and hopefully we will see later. (there have been very interesting proposals, from a magazine, a professional collaboration and even participation in a digital art book .... but do not want to give even ...)
A few months ago, my image "Dragon Mekaniko " was selected in Digital arts secrets, as "the art of the Week" (April, 2010).
Now, this article about my work, I am filled with pride and happiness .. Thank you very much for your support, to make known my work!
I invite you to have a look.…
Thanks to all!


Los chicos de la pagina DIGITAL ART SECRETS, han realizado un amplio articulo, sobre mi trabajo. [link]

No hace falta decir, que para mi es un honor, y un reconocimiento que agradezco enormemente. Sin duda, esto forma parte de la cantidad de cosas que DA ha traido para mi, (a quien estoy enormemente agradecido tambien , por supuesto) y que, con suerte, iremos viendo mas adelante. (ha habido propuestas muy interesantes, desde alguna revista, alguna colaboracion profesional e incluso la participacion en un libro de arte digital....pero no quiero adelantarme aun...)
Hace unos meses, mi imagen "Dragon mekaniko", fue seleccionada en Digital arts secrets, como "the art of the Week" (Apr, 2010).
Ahora, este articulo sobre mi obra, me llena de orgullo y de felicidad..
Muchas gracias por su apoyo, para dar a conocer mi trabajo!
Te invito a que le eches un vistazo.…

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gntlemanartist Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011
I think this first design could work for the Atreides, I can see the whale-like influences. It's quite beautiful. We're working on a Dune-related project with a very different visual style but I really like the aesthetic approach you're taking with your art. Very ornate, very complex. I'm curious to see where you'll go with it.

Good stuff!
angelitoon Featured By Owner Jan 4, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I'm glad that you find interesting. As you can see, what I try, is to give a personal version, and different about Dune.
Dune is that it has many followers, and that maybe, my version does not like, everyone.
But it is precisely to give its own view of this world.

Coincidentally, today I discovered your project.
From here, I encourage you to continue your work.
I find it very interesting.
It is of course very different, my approach. But that's about it. I think the novel, has the virtue of allowing each artist, dreaming of his world, and create without any limitations, rather than the imagination.
I hope you enjoy my vision of Dune.

Greetings friend!
SolusUmbra Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011   Digital Artist
i have been a die hard fan of dune (which i hold to be the most detailed, creative, and believable piece of science fiction i have ever read) ever since i picked up the first book. but im interested to know what you think of Brian Herbert's sequels and prequels. i liked the 9 books that came before the original, as well as the two he wrote which take place after chapterhouse, but as he has continued to write more i have found my interest waning. i mean, how much more is there to write about?

in any case, i have also heard a lot of people complain about the quality of his writing (and even some who claim it to be comparable to necrophilia) and wondered what you thought about them.
angelitoon Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
The world created by Frank Herbert is so immense that I think it gives to continue to write many more books. I understand that a work of Dune has the characteristics of followers to any backward desarrolllo may seem a sacrilege. Actually it does not matter who had written a book good or bad after Dune, I would have supporters and detractors. Because from the moment that another author begins to create and develop a new world based on Dune, (no matter that it was his son) may appear to commit an act of intrusion.

In any case, I wonder about my personal opinion. I love the idea of further developing this and other worlds. Whenever I read a book or watch a movie, as I keep wanting to know where it comes from history, and would have happened later. That's why sometimes like to create a particular vision of a work I like. From the moment that another artist / author begins to give his point of view, we must assimilate it will be different from what has been outlined above. In fact, I think it must be like to not fall in a literal copy. If the same Frank Herbert wrote at this time a new novel, surely develop with variations on the original novel. And would have advocates and detractors. It always happens.
Peterhoff3 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
Dune+ steam punk=EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
angelitoon Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Professional Digital Artist
I hope you like !!!!!!

Happy New Year
Peterhoff3 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011
thank you
Perturabo93 Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010
;) Enhorabuena Angel!!! =D
angelitoon Featured By Owner Dec 31, 2010  Professional Digital Artist
Gracias amigo!!!!!
Perturabo93 Featured By Owner Jan 2, 2011
De nada, y feliz año 2011!!! =D
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