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Submitted on
January 3, 2011


1,976 (1 today)

1040 WATCH me!

Mon Jan 3, 2011, 2:41 PM
Just a week ago. Before Christmas, look at the number of people who had done WATCH, to my work. I can not say the exact figure, but I think they were, at around 885. Today January 3, I turned to look, and there are now 1004 people found.
Today January 11, 1040 people found.

  9 months ago, I decided to create a gallery on DA. Although it took many years, doing illustration work, matte paint, 3D modeling ... etc.
I've never shown my work at this level. I did not exist as an artist.
The acceptance, which has been my work has changed the course of my work. 9 months ago, I was not clear whether he would continue working on my personal work. Even I can tell, he had almost decided to stop it, because it was worth nothing. Arriving at work, and continue so many hours.
  Taken away, my family, a little time, that I can devote.

I decided to make a last effort, and thought to try to show my work.
  I wanted to do, before deciding, if stopped, my work as an author.
Stop creating my personal work, outside work, I do in my studio.
And so I did. I did my test. I made my own gallery.

I'm tired of saying, I've found people who have appreciated my work, as I had never done before. I found friends, colleagues, other artists who see my work as inspiration and reference.
For me it was very important.
I can only say that not only have given me, want to keep creating, but it also has given me enough motivation to think, I'm on the right track.
So I start the year, giving thanks, to which you have achieved, that makes sense to me. I'm here for you. :handshake:
Thank you all. :blowkiss:

I feel my poor language. This clearly is not my thing ....


Justo hace una semana. Antes de las fiestas de navidad, mire el numero de personas, que habian hecho WATCH, a mi trabajo. No puedo decir la cifra exacta, pero creo que estaban, en torno a los 885. Hoy dia 3 de enero , he vuelto a mirar, y son ya 1004 personas.  Hoy dia 11 de Enero 1040!

Hace 9 meses, que me decidi, a crear una galeria en DA.  A pesar de que llevo, muchos años,  haciendo trabajos de ilustracion , matte paint , modelador 3D... etc.
Nunca habia mostrado, mi trabajo,  a este nivel. Yo  no existia como artista.
La aceptacion, que ha tenido mi obra , ha cambiado el rumbo, de mi trabajo personal. Hace 9 meses,  no tenia claro si iba a seguir trabajando, en mi obra personal. Incluso puedo decir, que habia casi decidido, dejar de hacerla, porque no valia para nada, llegar de trabajar, y meter tantas horas, quitandole a mi familia, un poco del tiempo, que les puedo dedicar.

Decidi hacer, un ultimo esfuerzo, y me plantee, probar  a enseñar mi trabajo. Quise hacerlo, antes de decidir, si dejaba de crear como autor.
Dejar de crear mi obra personal, fuera del trabajo, que hago  en mi estudio.
Y asi lo hice. Hice mi propia galeria.

Me he cansado de  decir, que he encontrado gente, que ha valorado mi trabajo, como nunca la habian hecho antes. He encontrado  amigos, colegas, otros artistas que ven mi obra, como inspiracion y referencia.
Para mi ha sido muy importante.
Solo puedo decir, que no solo me habeis dado, ganas de seguir creando, sino que ademas, me ha dado la motivacion suficiente, para  pensar, que estoy en el camino acertado.
Por eso, quiero empezar el año, dando las gracias, a los que habeis logrado, que esto tenga sentido para mi.  Estoy aqui por vosotros. :handshake:
Gracias a todos.  :blowkiss:


:w00t!: The boys of the page DIGITAL ART SECRETS, have undertaken an extensive article on my…

Needless to say, which to me is an honor and a recognition that I appreciate greatly. No doubt this is part of the amount of DA has brought things to me, (whom I'm enormously grateful, too, of course) and hopefully we will see later. (there have been very interesting proposals, from a magazine, a professional collaboration and even participation in a digital art book .... but do not want to give even ...)
A few months ago, my image "Dragon Mekaniko " was selected in Digital arts secrets, as "the art of the Week" (April, 2010).
  Now, this article about my work, I am filled with pride and happiness .. Thank you very much for your support, to make known my work!
I invite you to have a look. :blowkiss:…

Thanks  to all!:party:


:w00t!: Los chicos de la pagina DIGITAL ART SECRETS, han realizado un  amplio articulo, sobre mi trabajo.…

No hace falta decir, que para mi es un honor, y un reconocimiento que agradezco enormemente. Sin duda, esto forma parte de la cantidad de cosas que DA ha traido para mi, (a quien estoy enormemente agradecido tambien , por supuesto) y que, con suerte, iremos viendo mas adelante. (ha habido propuestas muy interesantes, desde alguna revista, alguna colaboracion profesional e incluso la participacion en un libro de arte digital....pero no quiero adelantarme aun...)
Hace unos meses, mi imagen "Dragon mekaniko",  fue seleccionada en Digital arts secrets, como "the art of the Week" (Apr, 2010).
Ahora, este articulo sobre mi obra, me llena de orgullo y de felicidad..
Muchas gracias  por su apoyo, para dar a conocer mi trabajo!
Te invito a que le eches un vistazo. :blowkiss:…

Gracias a todos! :party:

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good to hear you have it at the right track, congrats angel:)
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Thank you very much, my friend!
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u r wellcome:)
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Keep it up, you are a rare talent!
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Keep it up man. Your work is awesome!
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Thank you very much friend!
Glad you like!
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